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Hunters vs. Berserkers. Chapter one

The story isn't canon in the MegamanMUSH world, only in the HolyDragoon world. The characters were all created by me but, as long as you send me an e-mail asking for permission to use them first, you can use them.

This one is dedicated to the Megaman MUSH players. Hope you like it! Oh, and this Hunters have nothing to do with the Maverick Hunters.

Chapter one: The Wormhole

    A group of soldiers were hidden in a field with tall grass, watching some tall, werewolf-looking creatures camping nearby. These creatures were behaving in a relaxed way, lik they knew they were safe there. One of the soldiers, a warrior with a white armor with an helm shaped like a dragon's head, chuckled softly.
"Commander HolyDragoon! All soldiers are in their positions and ready to begin the attack." whispered a Soldier nearby.
"Roger that Lieutenant. Order everyone to start the attack at my signal." answered HolyDragoon, with one of his guns in the right hand.

    Suddenly, a black portal opened inside, and another warrior, with a armor design very similar to HolyDragoon's armor, fell right in the middle of the creatures, that quickly drew their guns and started firing. The warrior hid himself quickly.
    In the grass, HolyDragoon quickly gave orderto his man to attack. in a second, all Hell broke loose, as the soldiers charged forward, firing their rifles at the werewolves. HolyDragoon quckly dashed forward, with a white sword in his hand, resembling a knight's sword. He got up close with its enemies, slashing the first one he found in the chest, almost severing him in half. The second one had his head cut off. After that, he continued slashing any enemy who tried to atack him.
    The white warrior got out of the rock, and started slashing at the creatures too. In 10 minutes, the hunters finished the werewolves off, while losing only 3 men.
HolyDragoon looked to the strange warrior. "Who are you?", he asked.
        "My name is Felix, and I came from other world" The warrior asked.
        HolyDragoon stood silent for some seconds, and finally said: "I see. So you came here through a wormhole. I knew they existed, but this is the first time I see one. Well, don't worry, it willl open again." he said, cheerfully.
         Felix answered. "Looks like waiting is my only option. But tell me, who are these guys?"
         HolyDragoon lowered his head before answering. "These guys are Berserkers. When we developed space exploration, their race declared war on us. they are bloodthirsty and do not hesitate to kill anyone, including children and women. My last unit was decimated by them, and I was one of the three survivors. Now I'm in this unit, the 'Raging Reapers'. Everyone here met the Berserkers in battle and lived to tell the tale. We are the first ones to strike. It's time we end this war, once and for all."
         Felix looked to HolyDragoon and answered, "Then I will help you."
         "Very well, we could make good use of an skilled warrior. You've got some good moves. If anyone looked at you fighting, they wouldn't say that you are human."
         Felix laughed. "I'm not human, I'm a Reploid."
         HolyDragoon looked to Felix, with a surprised look on its face. "A Reploid? What is a Reploid? Anyway, come with us to the Hunter Base, we can talk there, and my men need to rest."
         This time, Felix was the one who was surprised. "Hunters? Like in Maverick Hunters?"
         "No. just Hunters. We are the elite Human forces. Come, let's go!"

         Felix and HolyDragoon went north, into the Hunter Base, with Holy talking about his world to Felix, who was listening, as what he was hearing remembered him about what Earth was like in his world, before that war began...
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